The Walking Dead Webisodes

If you are a zombie fan, then you should really watch the new The Walking Dead webisodes. The only series is directed by an expert on effects producer called Greg Nicotero who promise a whole lot of blood, gore images, and very offensive language. In fact, people who have already watch these webisodes claims that the zombie scenes are pretty scary. So, you are warned. If you like zombies this series is for you but you must know that it is very extreme.

So, Cold Storage is a very crazy story which features the main narrative and the cast of the original episodes The Walking Dead. This means that this story is really intriguing for the AMC series fans. If you consider the fact that Greg Nicotero is very well known for his aesthetics in horror productions, then you would know that the new webisodes are actually right for you. 

In fact, Nicotero is a guy who has a fake horse prop in his closet. We know this because we visited the set in Atlanta and, when someone said that a horse eaten by a zombie should look as realistic as possible, he offered to lend to the production a dead horse prop he had laying around in his house. 

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